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Dear Nicole Kelly,

Thank you for sending us “How To Hear Music”. Our guest editors love it and would like to publish it in the next issue of Five [Quarterly] that will come out later this month! We’re also having a party to celebrate our one-year anniversary and you are invited to read, and/or come by to hang out!

Thanks again.
Five [Quarterly]

I decided that I’m done with this thing.

I decided that I’m done with this thing.


UNLOCKING THE TRUTH  is two sixth-grade metalheads from Flatbush, Brooklyn

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KILL YOUR DARLINGS: deleted lines from a short story I just finished.

[the makeover she got in high school was all wrong too. she got the sense that the woman was practicing on her. trying out colors she couldn’t put on white women.]

[better this dick than the tempting alternative, the one that could jeopardize her future.]

[it’s the cataclysm that she can’t help seeing, that she can’t help planning for, that she can’t stop imagining.]

[jay has turned his back to her place in the bed; she lies down in the vacant space beside him.]

[Sometimes she felt like a surrogate, like the baby was a sacrifice she was making for him.]

i saw
three little black boys
lying in a grave yard
i couldn’t tell
if they were playing
or practicing.
In a lot of the chick lit, depicting women slightly older than me, the sexual maturity is that of a nine-year-old, maybe. The sex is just this giggly and ridiculous activity one is subjected to in order to make a man stay in your house and marry you. There’s no honest expression of female sexual desire, the kind you find even in those old cheesy feminist manuals like Our Bodies, Ourselves. We’ve gone backwards.

Dear A. Nicole Kelly,

Sincere thanks for sending us “Stay Like This Forever” for consideration for publication in The Missouri Review. This is a beautifully written story. You handle their relationship with nuance and depth. Even though ultimately the editors decided to pass on this particular piece, there’s no doubt it’ll be published soon.

If and when you have anything else ready, please submit to us again.

The Editors

Art bears a unique responsibility in the search for truth. - Ai Weiwei

"For ages, artists have asked difficult questions about the human condition. It is their privilege to pursue such questions without needing to yield practical results. As individuals, and as a society, we can never really say we know everything. Society allows artists to explore what we don’t know in ways that are distinct from the approaches of science, religion and philosophy. As a result, art bears a unique responsibility in the search for truth.

…I think it is important for artists to see themselves as privileged, and to bear some responsibility, because their job is about communication and expression. These are the core values of life, of being individuals. Most people don’t realize that they have to fight for this, but for us artists it’s necessary.”

- China: Every Day We Put the State on Trial